Monday, January 2, 2012

Back into Skyrim

Remember when Skyrim was released and everyone that bought it for PC went "Huh...well this interface is terrible."? Then people realized if they plugged in an XBox controller it would work like a dream. But then the "purists" said that they shouldn't have to use a controller. I recall reading one forum poster say "If you're not using a mouse and keyboard for a first-person game on a PC, you're doing it wrong." Well ladies and gentleman, I'm proud to announce that as of Christmas, I'm now doing it wrong. It was simple, seamless, and awesome.

My ladyfriend bought me a wired XBox Controller for Christmas and suddenly Skyrim (and a lot of other Steam games) are much easier to play. All the little icons changed automatically from keyboard keys to game pad buttons. As wonderful as Skyrim is, you really had to be committed to play it with the mouse and keyboard.  I'm right with you in saying that Bethesda should have made a more PC-appropriate interface, but they didn't. So now I will just do it wrong until the modders take care of it. It just feels right.

There's been a lot of awesome Skyrim music covers. I'll wrap up this post with my current favorite.

Yup, I lied. I couldn't help but include this video too. I want to shake the hand of the guy who did this. Make sure to stay at least for the second scene.

LMFAO Skyrim Dance Party - Watch more Game Trailers

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