Friday, March 23, 2012

Something new!

It turns out that screen captures take up a ton of space (over 1gb for just under 10 minutes) and it takes a long time to upload 1 gig onto YouTube. How have I learned this? Because I've just finished recording the very first video of myself playing a game and talking directly to you, the reader! Everyone knows of course that the only person that reads this blog is my wife, Aubrey, and she sounded pretty impressed with the idea, so I went ahead and did it.

The video itself and an accompanying post will appear a little later today. Be ready to be shocked and amazed at the wonderful feats of my incredible game play. And be ready to not be very impressed on a technical level. Turns out it takes more than one try to get up to professional level production quality, even when using free software! A second monitor wouldn't hurt either, but I'm not sure they make laptops like that. And who wants to pay for a docking station with two monitors? (Ooooh...that sounds nice.) However, I think it was a pretty good first shot and I'm excited to move onto a new phase of the blog where the readers get to see the game I'm covering in action, complete with commentary.

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