Friday, August 3, 2012

Hot Dang

Holy crap I won something!

I signed up for a drawing or whatever through GameInformer that they're doing to promote Darksiders 2. And I won a daily drawing for a free copy of Darksiders on Impulse! I feel pretty lucky about this, as I've almost bought Darksiders on sale three or four times as it is. So yeah, I'll give it a try and report back on my findings. I'm under the impression that it's like a more gory Zelda game, so it should be fun!

Apparently GameInformer gave away like 10,000 copies of the game at once and then everyone tried to redeem it at the same time and crashed the GameStop DLC servers. Whoops. Should be back up later tonight or tomorrow. Steam would never have this problem. Granted, neither would Origin, but that's only because no one uses it.

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