Friday, September 21, 2012

Mike Likes Games: Starcraft Edition

The times are a changing!

I've decided to take this blog in a new direction. I'm still going to do (semi) regular posts about whatever I feel like. However, I've also decided to really buckle down on Starcraft 2 and start laddering more seriously as well as to start casting pro games! I'm really excited about it. Kind of nervous, yes, becuase I know my game knowledge isn't exactly Artosis level, but I've been wanting to get more involved with the Starcraft community because it is awesome. I'm feeling brave right now, so it's now or never.

If you don't know much/anything about Starcraft, just check out this video. If you think this all just sounds kind of dumb, you should totally watch this video when you have some time.

In order to be a little more clear/recognizable, I've changed (or acquired) everything related to MikeySCE, Mikey:Starcraft Edition. So I've got the stream, the Twitter, the YouTube channel,, and the domain! This site is now accessible through as well as How fancy! I don't have any sweet content to share at the moment because I've still had to go to class and do homework this week. But I'm going to pull some replays off the internets and start casting this weekend. The first few (or several) will probably be pretty rough but I'm optimistic and I think it'll be a good time! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter to keep up with new content and don't be shy about leaving feedback at the new official email (again,

Furthermore, I'm going to see if I can spruce the design of the blog up a little. That might only mean changing the backdrop and some of the colors, but it means that there are more changes coming to the site. Tell all your friends!

Speaking of casting and your friends, let me know if you have any experience with shoutcasting or even just some pointers. I could use them.

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