Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mikey's Debut

Tonight's my first live cast for a tournament where people will be making money as a result. That's pretty exciting to me. I'll be casting the first match from my stream at 5pm Mountain Time (7pm Eastern) and again on Saturday afternoon at 1pm Mountain. Should be a whole lot of fun! The regular English casts will be on BaseTradeTV. Be sure to mark those calendars. Again, the tournament is sponsered by SixPoolGaming, a premium Starcraft training site, featuring training videos made by proven professional players. I haven't used it myself, but I understand it's some pretty good stuff.

I went ahead and bought a Latin America license of the game so I'll be able to be 100% legitimate with my casting. And so now I have two copies of Starcraft. Not yet 100% sure how I feel about that. At one time I wanted to have three copies so I could have one for each race. But, now I'm not afraid of just playing random if I feel like shaking things up. But hey, maybe this Spanish casting will go somewhere and it will keep on being useful. It's certainly good language practice, that's for sure.

My schedule's a little off today because my lady stayed home sick from work. Not 100% sure if I'll be casting more ReHacked today or not. Also, I need to make a decision on how much I'm going to do in Spanish as opposed to good old English. Either way, if I do something, I'll edit this post and link it here.

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