Sunday, November 4, 2012

Positive Experience #3

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Here we are, already onto Positive Experience blog #3. It's been a nice couple of days so far. I didn't get picked for the IPL thing but it's ok. I was watching MLG Dallas this weekend  (which was awesome despite the technical issues they were having) and was totally inspired to try out the ReHacked Valencia thing. I think that's going to be a whole lot of fun as well as a good educational experience. I made a post over on TeamLiquid about it and I haven't have many responses but the people that did seemed pretty positive about it. I'm looking forward to starting that up tomorrow.

Aubrey and I had a nice weekend together. I didn't have to work on Saturday (yay) and it's the end of term for her school so she didn't have anything either. So that meant we just got to hang out the whole time. We got ot just lay in bed for like an hour and a half after we woke up. It was amazing. I dont understand why people have children. Ok, I do understand, but it's really nice to just lay around and that totally wouldn't ever happen if we already had kids (the human kind, not the goat kind). We went to thrift stores that afternoon to look for a new microwave (as ours blew up) but we didn't really find anything great. They're super expensive new, though. We'll just have to wait it out for something good to come up. We did, however, find a like-new copy of The Best of James Herriot  I love this series (If you haven't heard of it, you must track down a copy of All Creatures Great & Small and start reading. The audiobooks are great, too.) and this book comes with a lot of illustrations and photographs of the area and is just awesome. New family heirloom. Bam.

We also found this cool little Italian place is Salt Lake for lunch. We got sandwhiches and mine was a beef brisket sandwich with brie cheese, tomatoes, and this tasty garlic aioli. It was great. I wanted another one right as I finished it. Then we went home and watched more MLG, cleaned up a little, and other hang out at home stuff. We've been watching this show called Raising Hope that's pretty good. Not like Modern Family good, but still good. 

Today we went to church and took naps (yay naps!) and went to Aubrey's parents for dinner and to help her brother with his homework. He...didn't pay a lot of attention in high school so now he's in college and need some help from time to time. He's trying really hard though, so that's good to see. He's taking an English class and a Math class so that means he's always looking for me and Aubrey to help him out when he's in a pinch. It's nice to be helpful though. 

While we were there I read about another Starcraft tournament that Six Pool Gaming is doing and they were looking for foreign language casters for their matches. It just so happens that I speak Spanish so I emailed the guy about it but haven't heard anything back yet. I'll take just about anything I can get at this point. Lol! I take that back, I think casting in Spanish would be a lot of fun. I'll probably yell a lot more though and want to shout "Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaal!" when one of the players GG and leave the match. That's not a problem though, right?

Also I took my quiz for my computer class and got a 96% on it! I haven't gotten that good of a grade on a school assignment for a long time. It's sad to write that, but it feels good to be back on the up and up. The one question I missed was total crap, too. I should have gotten that one. 

My productive adult schedule got kind of thrown off last week because of Halloween and trying to cram for the IPL contest. So this week I'm looking ward to getting a lot more reading done (and treadmilling while reading) and getting my school work done a lot faster. We have plans to hang out with my sisters in Park City this coming weekend as well and they're always a lot of fun. 

That's 20 minutes. Everyone have a great week!

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