Thursday, November 1, 2012

Postive Experience #2

Yesterday was a big day. It was Halloween. That's not necessarily my favorite holiday but I do like Fall and now that I live somewhere with fancy leaves it can be really refreshing. Instead of giving out candy last night, Aubrey and I both had a on of crap that we had to do. She's been grading essays like a madwoman and I was trying to get my crap together to apply for that caster position with IPL. Once we got all that worked out, we played some Amnesia: The Dark Descent together. That game is freaking scary. I know it's kind of an old hat now and has been around or a few years but we really enjoyed ourselves.

Also, it's November now. That means Thanksgiving is coming. I love Thanksgiving. I love the food. I love having the days off. I love playing the video games I generally play on said time off. I love the leftovers. And family. Totally love spending time with family too. I have a blog post from a couple years ago entitled "An Ideal Thanksgiving" that I'm totally going to repost here and I'm really excited about it. Also, my old roommate proposed to his wife on Thanksgiving in a hot air balloon a couple years ago and Aubrey and I totally saw it on the way to buy rolls at the store or something. Also, it was that same day I ate like 7 slices of pie at Aubrey's grandparents' house and I've been well-liked ever since.

Anyway, to be a little more current. I finally got some good casting experience in practicing with some profession replays. It was amazing how addictive it got. Also, it was strange how much I felt like I was noticing now that I was actually looking for things to talk about. All and all it was a lot of fun and definitely a learning experience. I'm totally going to switch to Random now when I ladder so I can really have a better grasp of each race. That's going to be awesome.

Tomorrow I should know if I made it into the running for the IPL job. I'm super excited to see how it goes. And I'm looking forward to keep on playing and casting even if things don't work out. Then I'll be ready for the next time. 

I hope everyone is having a great day!

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