Monday, December 17, 2012


Start video now. And then start reading. 

I've been trying to come up with a good idea for a blog post for a couple of weeks now. And not only has there been one right under my nose this whole time, but it's inspired a second post as well. How great for all of us!

Now that I'm working full time again I've been in the need for some good music to keep me going. I'm trying to work the kinks out of a couple of Pandora stations, but in the meantime, I've discovered something awesome! There's a dude that looks like Logan Eccles from Veronica Mars that's been making a video game music cover a week for the past two years.

Seriously, that's over 100 songs. There's a music video for each one and there are two mp3 packs (one for each year) if you want to just download them. He's only got about 41k subscribers on YouTube, so it doesn't seem like that many people really know about his stuff. We need to get the word out. 

Anyway, these are some high quality covers. Every song is arranged, played, and mixed by the one guy. Then he makes a video for each one. Every week. Most of the songs are high in nostalgia, there's lots of Pokemon and Nintendo 64 covers. I'll post a couple of my favorites here, but I encourage everyone to run right over to the Familyjules7x YouTube page to peruse and subscribe so you get updates as they come out. 

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