Thursday, December 20, 2012

Humble Bundle Giveaway!

Hey. There's a new Humble Indie Bundle. And it's a good one, too. You should definitely get it, and then play Dungeon Defenders with me because it's awesome.

Also, the Winter Steam Sale just started. I'm pretty sure that I won't be getting anything this year though.

I have some games to give away! Just comment on this post to enter. Make sure you're logged in to Google or something when you comment so I can get back to you. I'll pick a random person in a few days and send them a Steam key or few. EZPZ! Actually, I might just buy another Humble Bundle and give that away. Yeah, I think I'll do that. Yes. Ok, it's official: comment here for a chance to win a Humble Indie Bundle #7. It'll even be an over the average purchase. You only have a couple days, so make it quick!

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