Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Positive Experience #6

So we're starting a 20 minute positive writing right now! It might get cut a little short though. PLus I"m on a weird keyboard so I'll have a lot more typos than usual. SOrry about that.

SO it's been a nice couple of days for the most part. There's been a little more snow, which is always cute. And work's been going really well. The company appears to be very big on investing in its employees, which is fine by me. they're easing us very slowing onto the phones and so I'm currently listening in on another person's calls and help her to do the paperwork side of it. She called me her minion earlier. That was a little bit funny, but it made me think about the minions on Despicable Me, which I was never that big a fan of. (Note: I liked the movie, I just thought we spent way too much time with the minions.)

Due to work, I've been a bit behind on Starcraft things, but that's aok. I read this awesome article earlier about the educational value of Starcraft and how it's like the new chess and would be better incorporated into schools. How sweet is that? I totally agree with the educational value part. And so does Aubrey, and she's a teacher (a good one, even) so it must be true.  :P

So I've been a bit under the weather for the past several days. It's been a little disruptive, but things have still been going good. This morning I started doing this thing where I would try to describe a kind of crappy situation in a cool way and then tweet it with #BeatThat! I won't lie, it's an awesome pick me up! My favorite one was that my stomach freaked out because of a kind of funny breakfast. So I put "Totally got a tummy ache from my wierd breakfast. but my office has free tums in its awesome kitchen area." The kitchen area is indeed 100% awesome. It can't be denied. 

ONe last thing: AUbrey and I wanted to play through the game Amnesia: The Dark Decent, but she always made me drive and it was indeed pretty scary. So we've been watching the Day9 playthrough and it's both funny and hilarious. Also, it means we have something cool to watch on our cool new tv. And even more cool it means we can cuddle on the couch in the dark. Win win win!

Have a great day!

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