Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Weekly All In!

I've got a good excuse for not posting, I've been writing for The Weekly All In, a new digital magazine exclusively about Starcraft. There's some news and commentary, but also lots of satire. Also there's been a lot of time constraints in my personal life that have been keeping me from posting, so The Weekly All In has been getting 100% of my writing time. There are five issues so far (see links). I'll start posting here each week until we get a proper website going. There is also a Patreon if you like what you see so much you just have to throw money at it. :D So yeah, I'll put links to each article here and a list of what I wrote that week.

First issue - Streamer profile/interview

Issue #2 - Brief News

Issue #3 - Brief News. SC2 Community manager interview.

Issue #4 - Brief News. 

Issue #5 - Brief News. Streamer profile/interview. A second interview that is not yet published (hopefully next week).

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