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Drama of the Week: The State of StarCraft - Let’s Get Serious

For a while there was a novelty account on the StarCraft Reddit where they had this checklist of hot topic issues and they would post on popular articles and check off the things that were hit. So, I naturally decided to write an article that would get every item on the list!

Here's the account details: SC2RedditChecklist

Here's the checklist:
[] People enjoy other Blizzard created games
[] Flash is a very good player
[] Flash is an overrated player
[] Winter used viewbots
[] The next Starcraft 2 expansion is different than the current one
[] Naniwa is rude and/or socially awkward
[] Desrow is rude and/or fat
[] David Kim is a Starcraft 2 balance designer
[] Demuslim is a drama queen
[] Starcraft 2 is not balanced
[] Starcraft 2 is balanced
[] Naniwa has a girlfriend
[] Individual that garners a lot of ridicule does not deserve it
[] Korea has better Starcraft 2 players than other countries

Drama of the Week: The State of StarCraft - Let’s Get Serious
By: Mike Harrell

To all of our readers all across the country, nay, the world, I wish to express my deepest gratitude for the praise and encouragement we have received over these past 25 issues. That’s right, we’ve been going for over six months now, only not publishing two weeks since we started in February of this year.

Our last issue was devoted too much to an upcoming reality show featuring various people. I’ll admit it now: it was a total publicity stunt.

It wasn’t real at all. I made all of it up. I’m sorry to have deceived you but what was done is done and it was done for the best: to get more readers and Patreon supporters.

Now that it’s out in the open, we can move on to greater and more important things. Let’s talk about the State of Starcraft as a whole. Where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going.

Blizzard Makes More Than One Good Game

Firstly, I want to talk about some other Blizzard games. We’ve been giving coverage for Heroes of the Storm for a few weeks now, and we haven’t heard one peep about it. I fully expected some backlash that we were money grubbers or losing #passion.

But it never happened.

For myself, I’ve grown to enjoy Heroes quite a lot. I play a lot of Hearthstone with my wife as well. We really enjoy it! Many former StarCraft pros enjoy them as well. It’s okay to like more than one game! I don’t think it’s too much for StarCraft devotees to admit there can be merit in other games, but hey, that’s just me.

Moving on to StarCraft

Alrighty, it’s StarCraft time. Let’s talk about Flash’s performance in the GSL this week. He’s advanced onto the Round of 16 in Code S, proving that he is a very, very good player.

Korea has better Starcraft 2 players than other countries, so a Korean tournament must have the best players. Getting into the top 16 has to mean he’s like one of the best 16 players in the world, right? Yeah, he’s amazing.

Now let’s look in the North American scene. The most popular StarCraft player in North America is obviously Winter, being that he routinely has the highest viewer count.

Sure, Winter used viewbots in the past, but let’s not dwell on that now. He is an individual that garners a lot of ridicule does not deserve it.

But more important than Winter. I wanted to talk to about DesRow. Desrow is rude. Or is it that DesRow is fat? I can’t remember exactly. Either way, Desrow is rude and/or fat. And as we all know, having been rude and/or fat makes him beyond redemption, even if he were to cease to be either.

Europe is also a Place

Let’s wrap around to Europe to discuss the scene there for a minute. Europe has always been a great place for StarCraft. Heck, that’s where Team Liquid originated, so it has to be good, right?

If I had to pick one European player that garners the most attention, I would say it was Naniwa. Some may say DeMuslim, but no, DeMuslim is a drama queen. Naniwa is awesome. Naniwa has a girlfriend/fiance.

Some may say that Naniwa is rude and/or socially awkward. (I mean, he proposed with a candy ring! SOMEONE didn’t get the memo about women and diamonds.) This, however, is not the case. He’s super awesome and “calls it like it is.” People love that!

StarCraft 2 Is Balanced

In his last Community Feedback post, David Kim (David Kim is a Starcraft 2 balance designer) discussed more ways in which the next Starcraft 2 expansion is different than the current one to ensure that no race will have an unfair advantage over another.

You can’t 6 pool in LotV unless the Zerg player kills off 5 of their starting Drones, that’s how you know it’s balanced. Additionally, Protoss will no longer be able to 4-gate people because “offensive” warp-ins will take literally forever.

StarCraft 2 Is Not Balanced

To bring our discussion to an end, let us return to Korea. It behooves me to speak of a hard truth. StarCraft 2 is definitely not balanced in HotS.

Flash only advanced to the Round of 16 because he sold his soul to the Mech devil. If he hadn’t broken away from his normal playstyle, he never could have beaten Curious and Pigbaby. Therefore, Flash is overrated. If you use imba strats and you’re winning from them, it means you’re overrated.

TL;DR: Nailed It

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey around the StarCraft world in The State of StarCraft. I’m pretty sure we’ve hit all of the most important topics. Thank you for your continued support of The Weekly All In.

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