Saturday, September 26, 2015

MiniDrama: President Obama Changes Name of the Disrupter

Better late then never.

As part of his first, and probably only, trip to the state of Alaska, President Barack Obama has officially renamed the Disruptor back to its native name of "Reaver."

"Well you know," Mr. Obama said in an exclusive interview with The Weekly All In, "I figured I was on a roll with Denali, so I might as well keep going. These kinds of things take forever when you try to go through official channels. I figured I might as well knock out a few more while I'm at it. Look out 'Mid to High Masters' players, you're next!"

Hundreds of thousands rejoice at the announcement. One forum poster said "All we ever wanted was the Reaver to begin with. I'm so glad that Our President was able to make it happen. The Disruptor just wasn't going anywhere and they keep making it more and more like the Reaver. Might as well just call it that!"

However, not all are pleased with Obama's decision, nor the way in which he chose to enact it. "It is not the place of the President to just up and make decisions about StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void," responded a Blizzard spokesperson, "I don't care if it's hugely popular and what we should have just done all along, or if players have been calling it the Reaver for months, HE doesn't get to decide! And what about the disparity in unit models? What can possibly be done to reconcile the difference?"

We will continue to post updates as they come through, but it looks as though the change is here to stay. Players seem well-pleased with the change. One incredibly lucid and believable player wrote, "Yeah...every since it changed, I just 'get' it now. I know how to harass with it. I know where it fits into the army composition. Turns out it really was all in a name. The Reaver has just really come together now."

President Obama continues his trip in Alaska for another couple days. Should he make any more announcements about Blizzard games, you'll hear about it first at The Weekly All In!

I wrote this some weeks ago when the Weekly All In was on a brief break. I could have just posted it more or less as it is, but I wanted to photoshop some pictures of Pres. Obama in front of Exit Glacier with little Reavers and Distruptors on it. Unfortunately, I never got around to it, and then I missed the window for the joke to be relevant in any way.

I've still not gotten around to it, but I'm tired of seeing it just sit around. So now it's here. I hope you enjoyed it.

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